You install air conditioner to get cool air supply. The cooling machine is a machine that gives quality air supply. But when the air conditioner goes out order or meet with any type of problem, then your air conditioner won’t be able to cool down your house properly. And this results in a warm atmosphere at home and you suffer from the heat of the summer. Now if you want to know that what could be the reasons that make your AC not cooling the home, then read the blog as here AC repair Oakland Park service has listed the top reasons of AC not cooling the home.

Dirty Air Conditioner

The accumulation of dust over a period of time can result in making the cooling unit not to work effectively and is not able to cool down the home properly. So as a responsible house owner, you should keep the dust and debris away from accumulating on your air conditioning module. Also check the filters whether they are dirty or clean and if they are dirty, then replace them or clean them.


The refrigerant is the chemical that runs between indoor and outdoor systems and play a huge role in cooling the house and discharge of the heat. If due to any reason the refrigerant becomes leaked, then your house doesn’t remain cool. If there is a refrigerant leak in the unit, then you will notice some changes such as frozen evaporator coils, hike in energy bills, unusual strange noises. So when you notice these signs, then you should get these issues fixed as well as refill the refrigerant also. This in turn will help in cooling your house properly.

The summer heat is very harsh and it can make you stay unsatisfactorily if you are not having a nice and functional air conditioner at home. Nowadays, the split AC unit is more common and is found in every household. The easy installation of the split air conditioner makes it the best choice to get it installed at home. It offers good quality of the air without any hassles. So as a responsible house owner, you should also take good care of it so that it can function well. But sometimes the house owners don’t know how to take care of the unit and land in problem when it go out of order. SO for your reference, here in this blog, AC repair Oakland Park service has mentioned a few tips applying of which you can take good care of your split air conditioner.

Air Filters

They are the most important part of the air conditioner and expel quality air all through the house. They remove dust and dirt and give you good quality of air. They can also get caught up by the dust and dirt if not cleaned at regular intervals of time. So the best way to keep them functional is to change them after regular intervals of time. Because if they left not cleaned then they could affect the system.

Air Ducts

The ducts carry air all over the house and keep the house cool and comfortable. The ducts are an important part of the system and help the unit to work effectively. So it is better to keep ducts clean and productive. When the duct work for a longer period of time, then they can get dusty and dirty. So as a responsible house owner, you should always make sure to remove dust from the ducts and keep them clean and tidy.