It feels comfortable when the surrounding atmosphere is relaxing and pleasant, which is the reason why air conditioners are so popular these days. The main concern with air-conditioning systems is that they work for almost 24 hours a day and that’s why the possibility of a sudden breakdown is very high with temperature controlling devices. This is the reason why AC repair Oakland Park experts are always available at your service for 24×7. Coming to the point, we’re here discussing in what ways dust particles can make life difficult for an air conditioner.

Modern air conditioners control the temperature by performing the heat-transfer process. But since dust particles are not a conductor of heat, it is normal for an air conditioner to misbehave if one or more parts of your device are clogged with excessive dirt. Let’s explore what are those AC parts which need to be cleaned at regular intervals. Along with that, we’ll also find out how a thick layer of dust on those parts can affect AC performance.

Evaporator Coil: Considered to be one of the most important AC parts, evaporator coils should be cleaned at regular intervals. The only job of the evaporator coil is absorbing indoor heat with the help of a chemical compound called refrigerant. Too much dust on the coil obstructs the heat-transfer process, forcing the system to work harder.

Condenser Coil: It is another important part of an air conditioner which should be cleaned regularly. Its job is to release the absorbed heat and hence, dust particles on condenser coils are never a good sign. Make sure you have enough expertise if you are planning to clean the coils by yourself, or it’s better to hire AC repair Oakland Park experts for this.

Filters and Air Ducts: A little amount of dust on air filters is not a big deal, but if there’s excessive dirt on the filter, then it will block the airflow. The same thing happens when air ducts are clogged with a large amount of debris. Both the ductwork and filters should be cleaned at regular intervals, but only by an experienced person.

The smell from the air conditioner is always annoying and frustrating. There are many reasons that why the AC system smells bad. The smell can mix with the house air and cause a bad environment in which you cannot breathe properly. If your cooling unit gives bad odour, then you should consult a professional service to repair the cooling machine. But do you know that why this happens? If you don’t know, then read the blog below as here AC repair Oakland Park service has listed top reasons of AC giving bad smell.

Excess Moisture in Air Ducts

The excess moisture in the ducts is caused by the high humidity levels or a drainage leak. Due to this the mold growth and bacterial growth can happen in the ducts. This in turn gives a musty smell when you turn ON the air conditioner. The mold growth also causes health issues in the house members. So to get rid of the musty odour, you need to call the professional to clean up the ducts to get fresh and clean air.

Wrong AC unit size

The AC should be of the right size because if it is too big, then the air gets cycled throughout the home too quickly, which means that the air will not get dehumidified resulting in excess moisture. The wrong size AC unit also gets wear and tear leading to failure of the unit. So, it is always better to know the actual size of the air conditioner so that you get consistent services and there will be no musty smell anymore.

We are in an era where cooling systems have become an integral part of the human life and this is mainly because of global warming. The rate at which global climate is getting hotter every year, soon it’ll be impossible to survive without air conditioners. Even today, there are many people who find it difficult to survive without an air conditioner, which is definitely a matter of concern because we are gradually losing our ability to deal with harsh circumstances. Even the experts of AC repair Oakland Park provide full day servicing so that you don’t need to suffer for too long in case if your air conditioner starts misbehaving.

Keeping other things aside, we are here discussing the importance of insulation in AC rooms. It is believed that cooling systems work well in insulated areas. This is because the outdoor heat doesn’t affect the environment in an insulated room. Hence, an air conditioner can function in such areas without unnecessary pressure. Let’s now understand how insulation in an air-conditioned room can be beneficial.

With no excessive heat in the room, your air conditioner is likely to cool your place at a fast speed. This will help you get the desired temperature in your room at reasonably low power consumption. Thus, you can save a good amount of money every month in the form of electricity bills. This is how insulation can save you a certain amount of money.

The possibility of a breakdown is very low if your air conditioner isn’t working unnecessarily for too long. It’s another way you can save money by minimizing malfunction possibility. However, you might still need AC repair Oakland Park services anytime for quick relief from sudden failures. Make sure you hire only experienced technicians for the rectification of serious issues associated with your air conditioner.

You will get an absolutely dust-free environment in your room if it is insulated properly. It will make your home a healthy and safe place where you can live comfortably without worrying about your family’s health. You are highly unlikely to become sick if your air-conditioned room is insulated properly.