An air conditioner might start misbehaving in several aspects when the refrigerant charge in the AC unit is deficient. This is simply because the task of transferring the heat from one place to another is performed by the refrigerant. Describing in simple terms, there’s a chemical compound in an air-conditioning system which absorbs the indoor warmth only to release it in the outdoor air. This is how your air conditioner delivers adequate cooling in your home, even on the hottest summer days. Thus, it’s crucial to keep up a suitable refrigerant level in your air conditioner so that it can work efficiently.

No air-conditioning system can make your home cool without the refrigerant, and it is also known as the coolant. Insufficient refrigerant levels might even force you to call the experts of AC repair Oakland Park because the possibility of a sudden breakdown is very high in that case. So, as an AC user, you must know how often an air conditioner requires refrigerant refilling service. But don’t forget that the task of refilling the coolant in an air-conditioning system should only be performed by the experienced technicians of AC repair Oakland Park.

Let’s now try to find out when do we really need to refill the refrigerant in air-conditioning systems.

It is highly unlikely that you’ll need to refill the coolant unless if there’s a leak in the refrigerant line. In short, air conditioners are designed in such a way that they can control the indoor temperature without losing the refrigerant. In this way, you’ll need to refill the refrigerant only if it keeps leaking from the system. But if you spot and seal the leak at the right time, then there will certainly no need to spend money on refrigerant refilling.

So, whenever you hear an unusual whistling sound coming from your AC, inspect the entire system properly. This is because cooling systems produce such a noise when there’s a leak in the refrigerant-line. Apart from that, ice-formation over the refrigerant line also indicates that there’s probably a leak there. Yearly maintenance is the key to prevent several AC problems for those who don’t know much about modern air conditioners.