If you have a heat pump at home, then that is great for heat generation and also for relaxation at home in winter. Instead of just creating heat in the home, they also act as an energy efficient solution. Do you know that if you are not using a well-maintained heat pump properly, then you could be using 10% to 15% of more energy? Nevertheless, here you can learn few useful tips mentioned by AC repair Oakland Park service to get the most value out of your heat pump unit.

Not to Have Excess Build-Up

Make it a habit to check up on your unit after winter. Because excess snow and ice build-up can ruin your unit. So when you notice excess build-up, then make sure to clean up the unit and turn off the unit to pour some water over the unit to melt the ice. This will help in the overall performance of the system. This will remove excess snow, ice, and debris from the unit.

Unit Placement

Take a moment to check whether the unit is placed in the right position or not. Do check whether it is placed under a leaky gutter or a source of dripping water. Dripping water in the colder months can cause serious issue to the heating system, which is why location of the unit is important. Not only location, but also the unit must have a specific elevation. The elevation will allow proper drainage under the unit.

General Maintenance

Maintaining your unit based on the manufacturer’s recommendations is a first step towards securing the quality of your unit. It will also ensure that you will get proper output from your unit. You should clean up filters once in every month or when required.  Because any dirty filters fan or coils can degrade the efficiency of the unit. Try to maintain your unit to prevent further damage to your heat pump. Doing so will certainly preserve the functionality and will help you fetch consistent services.

These handy and useful tips mentioned by AC repair Oakland Park service always help, but you should also take professional help whenever is required.  The technician will catch errors, will do complete check-up and fix the issue on time. So call us today!