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Does Your AC Smell Musty? Know It Now Why

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The smell from the air conditioner is always annoying and frustrating. There are many reasons that why the AC system smells bad. The smell can mix with the house air and cause a bad environment in which you cannot breathe properly. If your cooling unit gives bad odour, then you should consult a professional service to repair the cooling machine. But do you know that why this happens? If you don’t know, then read the blog below as here AC repair Oakland Park service has listed top reasons of AC giving bad smell.

Excess Moisture in Air Ducts

The excess moisture in the ducts is caused by the high humidity levels or a drainage leak. Due to this the mold growth and bacterial growth can happen in the ducts. This in turn gives a musty smell when you turn ON the air conditioner. The mold growth also causes health issues in the house members. So to get rid of the musty odour, you need to call the professional to clean up the ducts to get fresh and clean air.

Wrong AC unit size

The AC should be of the right size because if it is too big, then the air gets cycled throughout the home too quickly, which means that the air will not get dehumidified resulting in excess moisture. The wrong size AC unit also gets wear and tear leading to failure of the unit. So, it is always better to know the actual size of the air conditioner so that you get consistent services and there will be no musty smell anymore.

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