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Knowing a Little More About the Invention of Air-conditioning

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Using an air conditioner is very common nowadays, and even finding an efficient AC repair Oakland Park service provider is also not a big deal. But do you know when the first air conditioner was invented and by whom? In 1902, a 25-year-old engineer Willis Carrier discovered the first air conditioner, and even after more than 100 years, modern air-conditioning systems are still working on the same principle to control the temperature.

An amazing fact that you probably don’t know about the invention of the first air conditioner is that the main aim of Willis Carrier wasn’t actually to discover an air conditioner. He wanted to build a machine that can soak off the moisture from the surrounding environment. He succeeded, but he also found that the device they have discovered is cooling the surrounding environment as well. This is how we got the first air conditioner, but they were initially not available to everyone. In initial years, the luxury of air-conditioning were available to only some specific people.

The first air conditioner installed in a home was back in 1914, and it was Charles Gates’ home. Thereafter, many people install air-conditioning systems in their homes in order to make their life comfortable. But since not many companies were working in the field of AC repair Oakland Park at that time, it was really difficult to find an efficient technician for the repairing of an air conditioner. Though, this issue was also resolved after a few years when many companies start providing AC repair Services.

Let’s now have a look at the main reason why air conditioners were limited to some specific places in their initial years. Since the gas used in air conditioners at that time was highly flammable and toxic, it was suggested by the experts that the cooling systems should be allotted only to such people who can handle them properly. This problem was resolved by Thomas Midgley in 1928 who discovered Freon, which was a non-flammable and non-toxic refrigerant. But in case if your air conditioner is still using Freon, then immediately replace it with R410a. This is simply because R-22 (Freon) isn’t harmful to you, but it is damaging our Ozone Layer.

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